Data visualization

  • Obesity in World Countries: Visualisations of data regarding prevalence of obese people (i.e. people with BMI>30) around the World and the growth from 1975 to 2016. Data was obtained from the World Health Organization’s database.
  • Deaths in Italy from 2011 to 2020: Data visualisations regarding monthly deaths in Italy from 2011 to 2020. These visualizations show how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge increase in deaths during 2020 compared with the previus decade.

Shiny web apps

  • Secret Santa picker: A little help to keep traditions during COVID times. This is a shiny web app that randomly pairs people who participate to the game and sends an email to each secret santa with the name of the person to whom they will give a gift.

  • COVID-19 in Italy: This simple shiny app shows a dashboard with daily data about the spread of COVID-19 in Italy since february 2020. Number of people positive to COVID-19 and number of molecular tests performed are represented at country and regional level. For provinces, smoothed lines for the number of positive people are represented.

R packages

  • ConvergenceClubs: Find convergence clubs through the clustering procedure proposed by Phillips and Sul (2007). Download from CRAN or GitHub.

  • UPSvarApprox: Variance approximations and approximate variance estimators for the Horvitz–Thompson total estimator in Unequal Probability sampling. Download from CRAN or GitHub.

  • jipApprox:
    Approximation of inclusion probabilities for survey sampling. Download from CRAN or GitHub.

  • bootstrapFP: Bootstrap methods for variance estimation in Finite Populations. Download from CRAN or GitHub.

  • robustHT: Estimate the Robust Horvitz-Thompson estimator, proposed by Beaumont et Al. (2013). Download from GitHub.

Tableau dashboards

  • My work timeline: a visualization of time and duration of the main events (commuting, lunch, work) during my working days. Data has been recorded on google sheet and manipulated in R. The R code used is available at this link.

  • Airbnb: A map showing AirBnB average prices in New York, by neighbourhood.

  • Earthquakes: A map showing magnitude and depth of Earthquakes in the World between 1900 and 2014.